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Basic, Maintenance, Deep Cleanings: What’s the difference?

So, you know you need your house cleaned, but don’t know where to start. Do you need a deep house cleaning or a basic house cleaning? What are maintenance house cleanings? Who knew there were so many different options? What is the difference?


The only way to know what kind of cleaning you need is to know exactly what the difference is between each service option. Cleaning companies usually offer a cleaning checklist for each service option. But, spotting the differences between each list of cleaning tasks is a game of I-SPY no one wants to play. It’s frustrating and time-consuming juggling multiple desktop windows trying to find and compare all of the information you’re looking for. 


No need to stress, because it’s already done. I’ve taken the liberty of collecting all of the need-to-know information for comparison. I’ve composed a breakdown for you of exactly what is included in our different service options and how they differ.


Basic House Cleaning


A basic house cleaning is offered as a one time service to cover all of your basic cleaning needs. Some customers who have recurring maintenance cleanings like to add a basic cleaning in between appointments to spruce up the house before they have guests over.


A basic house cleaning is a perfect refresh for your home. It covers all of the standards like dusting bedrooms and living areas, cleaning bathrooms and kitchen (including inside microwave), removing garbage, and vacuuming and mopping floors. 


Maintenance House Cleanings


If you feel like you’re always playing catchup with the household chores, maintenance cleanings may be your perfect solution. Once you get yourself set up on a schedule, you can permanently cross the chores off of your to-do list. This service is made to cater to your ongoing needs, which is why you choose the frequency of your cleanings. And, if your needs change, you can call and adjust your service, easy as that.


Maintenance cleanings almost always start with deep cleaning because a deep cleaning sets us up for success. Maintenance cleanings are designed to maintain your home after we clean it to the high standard of a deep clean. If you’re not looking for recurring service, deep cleanings are offered as a one time service. They are for anyone looking for a top to bottom, corner to corner cleaning. 


Maintenance house cleaning is a recurring service that provides you a consistently clean home. To start, all of the standard areas of a basic house cleaning are taken care of. As a way to maintain your home, we dust areas that are hand washed during a deep house cleaning. This includes window sills and blinds, baseboards, light fixtures, vents, and reachable fans. On top of that, we disinfect light switches and door handles. We remove cobwebs, make beds or change linens, and vacuum the exterior of couches and chairs as needed. We also keep our eye out for spot-checking walls, windows, and the exterior of cabinets.

Deep House Cleaning


Other than being a great start to maintenance house cleaning, deep cleanings are also great for getting back on track after a big gap between cleanings. If you’ve had a little work done in the home, a deep cleaning is exactly the kind of attention to detail you need. Some customers like to schedule an annual deep cleaning in the spring. And others make it semi-annual because they just love that complete clean feeling.


A deep house cleaning gives your home extra attention and takes care of all the little details. In a deep cleaning, we cover all of the same areas as a maintenance cleaning, but we up the ante. In a deep cleaning, we upgrade from dusting to hand washing of doors and frames, window sills and frames, blinds, baseboards, light fixtures and switches/plates, vents, and reachable fans. We also include washing the exterior of your cabinets.


Now that you know your options, which cleaning covers your needs? Do you have family coming to town and just need to spruce up the house? A basic cleaning will get the job done. Are you selling your home? Book a deep cleaning before having pictures taken for listing. Keep it looking pristine for open houses with bi-weekly maintenance cleanings. Are you ready to stop playing catch-up with the household chores? Get scheduled for a deep cleaning followed by regular maintenance cleanings and cross cleaning off your list forever.


If you haven’t yet found the perfect fit in house cleaning service options, ask how we can further customize your home cleanings. Call us at 847.382.0082 for more information and to get scheduled. 


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