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Pink purple and red floating heart shaped Valentine's Day balloons

Happy Valentine’s Day! Say “I Love You”With Weekly Cleaning Service

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Valentines Day is a time for us to remind those we love how much we appreciate them. Whether you plan on having a romantic day with your significant other or are enjoying the day with family and friends, it can be hard to think of the perfect gift for…
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Sick parents with two sick children blowing their noses while laying in bed with a white comforter.

Top 3 Health Advantages of Hiring Maid Service for Regular Cleaning

Can a maid service really save you from injury and illness? We’ve talked quite a bit about the many ways you can benefit from maid service, but we haven’t really talked about the physical health benefits. Hiring Happy Maids to clean your home regularly can prevent you from straining yourself, stop the spread of germs, and…
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Mom helping kid with school homework at the table.

A Fresh Clean Start to the New School Year

If your summer has been busy with a house full of kids, you may be looking forward to the upcoming school year. The kids have kept you busy all season bringing them to and from summer activities. When they’re not at soccer practice or the movies, they’re inviting friends over. Your kids and their friends…
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Why Commercial Cleaning Services Are Necessary for Your Business

Happy Maids cleaning service is known for our residential cleaning services. You may be surprised to learn that Happy Maids also leads the industry in commercial cleaning services as well. As your business grows, it can be difficult to keep up with the office cleaning. Emptying the trash bins, dusting the desks, and cleaning the…
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Are You Ready for Your Cleaning Service During the December Holidays?

Are you recovered from Thanksgiving yet? We sure hope so because ready or not, here come the December holidays! Those of you celebrating Christmas have just 20 days until the big day. If you’re hosting, you probably have even fewer days until your friends and relatives start showing up. Luckily, Happy Maids has the magic touch…
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close up photo of a mans torso in a blue button up shirt holding a white envelope wrapped in a red ribbon with a bow

Don’t Underestimate the Gift of Home Cleaning This Holiday Season

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know the joys of home cleaning. Instead of dealing with the dirty details, you just contact Happy Maids and we take care of your entire home. You get relaxation and peace of mind, not to mention your time back. When you have something great in your life,…
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Festive 4th of July table setting outside including a bowl of strawberries, lit sparklers, and a decorative plate with lit candles.

Ready for That 4th of July Party? Call Us On the 3rd or 5th

We’re nearing the end of June, which means the 4th of July is right around the corner. You may be going to one of the local firework shows, celebrating at a friend’s or family’s house, or (if you’re brave) you have decided to host the fun at your house. If you decided to host the party this…
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Two unrecognizable girls passing a cheat sheet

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hiring a Residential Cleaning Service

When you have a busy schedule or just need a bit of help around the house, residential cleaning services are an ideal solution. These services provide you with a way to make sure your home stays clean on a regular basis. When you don’t have to worry about cleaning, you free up time to do…
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A bin of various household cleaning products and chemicals, a toilet brush, sponge, and gloves.

The Scent of Home: How Our Maid Service Can Help (and Not Hurt)

In our last blog, we responded to a customer who mentioned how nice her house smelled after we left. The four little words — “and smelled nice too” — gave us the inspiration for this blog. As lovely as a clean home looks, the elation of seeing it can be diminished if the smell of your…
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The feet of someone standing in the snow, wearing denim jeans and brown winter boots covered in snow.

Happy Groundhog’s Day! We Predict Six More Weeks of Dirty Boots

No matter what the groundhog says, we have at least another month of winter and snow here in Illinois. This time of year, it always seems like just when we think we made it to springtime, another winter storm blows through. Which means there are more reasons than ever to get weekly cleanings with our maid service. Dirty…
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Someone wearing yellow gloves cleaning the glass window on a sunny spring day

Spring Cleaning: More Than Clearing Out The Cobwebs

How long has it been since you’ve opened all of your windows and doors? Several months, we’re sure. Over the course of a long winter season, a home can become quite stuffy. There’s nothing better than a good spring cleaning to remedy that. You might have been dusting on a weekly basis throughout the winter…
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Above view of thanksgiving dinner and family eating at table

Happy Thanksgiving! Now, Call Us for House Cleaning Service

The anticipation is over: Thanksgiving is here! When Thanksgiving rolls around, everyone always dreams about the perfect dinner table in the dining room. What is traditionally a time for food, friends, and family also becomes a time for cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! If You’re Hosting (pre-show!): If you are the host for Thanksgiving, we’re guessing you…
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A clean and tidy living space with beige walls and wood floors.

The Advantages of Our Last Minute Cleaning Service

Once you use Happy Maids, we’re sure that you’re going to invite us back again and again. You’ll want to schedule standing appointments to keep the clean going. But, even still, there are times when our weekly or bi-weekly appointments are just not enough. Maybe you have relatives visiting, maybe it was just a particularly hectic…
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Are You Moving This Spring? Leave the Cleaning to Us!

If you’re moving this spring, you’ve got a lot to think about. Not only do you need to make sure you pack everything securely and double-check that the movers will arrive on time, you’ve also got a new home and a new life to start settling into. …Oh, and I hope you didn’t forget you…
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Couple sitting in front of wall in new unfinished home

How We Handle Move-out Cleaning and Post Construction Cleaning

With a name like Happy Maids, you might think that all we do is house cleaning services. Sure, we handle your basic house cleaning needs, offering regular or as needed services. We also offer specialty cleaning services that many people don’t think of until they’re in need. Happy Maids offers Move-in / Move-out Cleanings and…
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A woman enjoying a cup of coffee while relaxing on the couch with her feet up.

Give Thanks to your Host During the Holidays

During the holidays, if you’re not hosting, you’re likely heading to a friend or family member’s home for celebrations. You might have one destination, or maybe several visits to make. No matter how long you’re going to stick around, whether you stay the night or visit for a week, there’s one gift that you should…
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A shiny red ornament, hung up on a tree,with the word celebrate written in gold cursive.

Happy Holidays! Here’s How We Can Help You Through the Season

We hope you’re having an excellent start to the holiday season here in the Chicago area. It’s great to spend extra time with the family, and we’re pretty sure you’d rather be doing that than spending all of your time cleaning (as if you have time to do so anyways). The holidays are always fun…
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The Advantages of Weekly Cleanings With Our Maid Service

While every customer enjoys the benefits Happy Maids cleaning service offers, weekly customers have a few more perks to enjoy. Customers who schedule weekly cleanings are guaranteed the same team coming to their home each week. Customers who schedule monthly or on an as-needed basis can make requests, but cannot be guaranteed a specific team’s availability. Weekly…
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Happy young woman with brown hair wearing white, lying on couch with her feet up and relaxing at home.

5 Things Happy Maids Won’t Do During Your House Cleaning Service

We talk a lot about the fantastic cleaning services that we offer, such as regular service, move in cleaning, move out cleaning, post construction cleaning, and office cleaning. You may be thinking that Happy Maids does it all. But, you’ll be surprised to hear there are a few things we just won’t do during your house…
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A view over the shoulder of a woman wearing a purple shirt checking the time on her wrist watch.

Let Happy Maids Cleaning Service Free Up Your Time

We often talk about what you could be doing instead of cleaning your own house or apartment. As we’ve said before, “Think of all the time you’ll have by not having to do your own maid service. Why waste all your energy on cleaning when you could be doing something else?” We got thinking… why…
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A happy family of two boys and their parents sitting on the wood floor in their new home surrounded by cardboard moving boxes.

Why Use a Move-in Cleaning Service Before Living In Your Next Home

Congratulations! You’re moving into a new house or apartment. You’re really excited to move in, and when you arrive, it looks like the previous tenants cleaned up after themselves. The counters are clean, the carpets look vacuumed, and the bathrooms look fine. Time to move in, right? Well, not so fast. Think twice before you…
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A cozy white couch in a clean living space

Happy Maids Cleaning Service Handles It All

Here at Happy Maids cleaning service, we accommodate as many customers as possible by servicing a large region of the Chicago land area. We’re dedicated to bringing the ultimate maid service to areas including Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Lake Zurich, and Algonquin. Check out the full list of areas we offer services. Happy Maids can handle…
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Happy woman wearing red holding an envelope tied with a red ribbon and bow.

Give the Gift of House Cleaning from Happy Maids

The Gift of House Cleaning At first, the idea of giving a gift certificate for a cleaning services might seem like an insult. Are you saying “hey, I noticed that you house is a mess. It’s obvious you can’t handle your own cleaning, so you need this.” But more often than not, that’s not the…
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A brunette woman in white sitting in front of a window, using a laptop.

A Top Rated Local Review of Our House Cleaning Services

From time to time, we highlight some of the comments of our customers, as they bring their house cleaning experiences to light. Here at Happy Maids we’re proud to participate in the Top Rated Local™ program. This is one of the few review sites where a reviewer has to be verified as someone you’ve actually…
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Woman cleaning stone counter top with a rag.

Welcome to Happy Maids, Offering the Ultimate in Cleaning Services

We’d like to welcome you to the all-new Happy Maids website and blog. You’re going to learn so much about the cleaning services that we offer, and some of the many reasons we’re one of the best cleaning companies in the Chicagoland area. But, let’s start off with the basics…what are we here for, and…
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dandelion field

Spring Cleaning Check-list

SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Outdoors the sun is shining, and the snow is finally melting. Patches of green grass tease us that spring is finally here. Every year in our house we do a thorough spring cleaning to make the transition from winter to spring even more enjoyable! I thought it would be…
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A clean and organized kitchen with white cabinets and wood floors.

5 Reasons to Clean Your House (No, Not You Mother in Law Visiting)

1)You’ll have a more clear and focused mind! When your home is clean, organized, and free of clutter, your mind will feel the same. It’s a subconscious thing that most people tend to work around. If you’re living and working in a cluttered area, your mind won’t be able to think at its peak performance level.…
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Cleaning service cleans carpet with vacuum cleaner

Why Happy Maids is Better than an Individual Housekeeper

It may not seem like a big issue to hire an individual housekeeper over a professional cleaning service; after all you are saving a few dollars right? What better deal could you ask for? Well, unfortunately there are a few issues you might have over looked, and here are a few of them. Reliable Service…
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A family enjoying the fun of pumpkin carving

Pumpkin Carving and Clean-up Made Easy

One of the staples of the fall holidays is the tradition of carving pumpkins. While we all look forward to this fun family activity, the task of setting up and cleaning up after the fun can be a little daunting. But, with a few tips and tricks from Happy Maids, you can make pumpkin carving…
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baking soda vinegar and lemon on the white table

How to Make Your Cleaning Routine More Green

Cleaning your home is an arduous task. Making sure that your efforts meet green cleaning standards can be even more challenging. However, many people make environmental friendliness one of their top priorities. If you have a young child or pet, this concern can be even greater. Before embarking on your next deep cleaning, here are…
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Someone wearing yellow gloves cleaning the glass window on a sunny spring day

Free Up Your Summer Days By Streamlining Your Cleaning Routine

With warm summer weather and plenty of outdoor activities on the horizon, who wants to spend their entire summer indoors cleaning? At the same time, it is difficult to relax at the end of a day of sun and fun when your home is hidden under a layer of grime. Luckily, five easy steps can…
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