How to Always Have a Fresh-Smelling Home

How to Always Have a Fresh-Smelling Home

By happymaids / July 31, 2021 /

Don’t you love to walk into a fresh-smelling home? It’s almost as wonderful as that new car smell!  As you take in that beautiful scent, you can feel your stress level go down. It’s as if your body gets the message “ah, relax, there’s nothing to clean!” Wouldn’t it be great if you could have…

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Sick parents with two sick children blowing their noses while laying in bed with a white comforter.

Top 3 COVID-Busting Advantages of Hiring Maid Service

By / July 30, 2021 /

Can a maid service really save you from illness, including COVID? We’ve talked quite a bit about the many ways you can benefit from maid service, but we haven’t really talked about the physical and emotional health benefits. Hiring Happy Maids to clean your home regularly can free up your time, help stop the spread…

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4 Tips for Pre-cleaning Before Your Party (and why You should)

By happymaids / July 30, 2021 /

Wondering about pre-cleaning your home before a party and how you’ll manage all the cleanup? Piles of dirty dishes, stained carpets, and littered rooms. Yikes! Ah, but relax. We’ve prepared some great tips that will make things much easier. And once you have a plan in place, you’ll feel a lot more confident. Before we…

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Basic, Maintenance, Deep Cleanings: What’s the Cleaning Level for You?

By / July 29, 2021 /

  Cleaning Levels? Wait, I Just Want a House Cleaning! Cleaning levels! If you’re new to today’s house cleaning sphere and just starting to research, you may be wondering why there are so many choices on the kinds of cleanings you can get. After all, isn’t house cleaning just … house cleaning? Maybe that’s what…

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How to Find the Best House Cleaning Service for You

By happymaids / July 29, 2021 /

Can’t stand the mess in your home a minute longer? Do you think it’s time to get some professional help with all that cleaning? If so, you must be wondering how to choose a quality house cleaning service that will be just right for you. When you begin interviewing companies for house cleaning in the Barrington,…

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How to Clean up Your House for Guests in No Time

By happymaids / December 10, 2019 /

Keeping a house clean is quite a challenge if you do everything on your own, especially if you are a busy professional or have toddlers or pets. On top of all that, you may have to deal with unexpected visits and learn how to clean up efficiently before the guests arrive Fortunately, you’ve got house…

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Great Tips for a Germ-Free Home

By happymaids / November 28, 2019 /

Disinfecting your home properly is a must if you want to keep your family healthy and safe. This is especially true during the flu season when eliminating dangerous germs and bacteria is essential for keeping the illness at bay. Luckily, as the leading Arlington Heights house cleaning services, we have prepared a comprehensive guide for…

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Efficient Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

By happymaids / October 25, 2019 /

Sharing a home with a dog brings a whole lot of joy for both parties. Still, no matter how much you love your furry companion, you are bound to get frustrated with all the mess they leave behind, making it much harder to maintain a clean house on a regular basis. Fortunately, the foremost maid…

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Keep Your Pet-Friendly Home Spotless with These Great Tips

By happymaids / October 25, 2019 /

Living with pets is a wonderful experience that comes with its own set of perks, but also challenges. To start with, dealing with pet hair and dander can make maintaining a clean pet-friendly home a nightmare. From keeping your carpets clean with dogs to trying to stop your cat from scratching the furniture, you probably…

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The Ultimate Daily & Weekly Cleaning List

By happymaids / September 30, 2019 /

Maintaining a tidy home and staying on top of chores is impossible without a clear schedule. Unfortunately, our busy lives can easily complicate the situation and hinder our ability to stay organized when cleaning our homes. That’s why we’ve prepared the perfect daily and weekly cleaning guide to help you keep your home spotlessly clean…

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