Top 3 COVID-Busting Advantages of Hiring Maid Service

Sick parents with two sick children blowing their noses while laying in bed with a white comforter.

Top 3 COVID-Busting Advantages of Hiring Maid Service

By KaitlynM / July 30, 2021 /

Can a maid service really save you from illness, including COVID? We’ve talked quite a bit about the many ways you can benefit from maid service, but we haven’t really talked about the physical and emotional health benefits. Hiring Happy Maids to clean your home regularly can free up your time, help stop the spread…

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Basic, Maintenance, Deep Cleanings: What’s the Cleaning Level for You?

By KaitlynM / July 29, 2021 /

  Cleaning Levels? Wait, I Just Want a House Cleaning! Cleaning levels! If you’re new to today’s house cleaning sphere and just starting to research, you may be wondering why there are so many choices on the kinds of cleanings you can get. After all, isn’t house cleaning just … house cleaning? Maybe that’s what…

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valentines day gift

The Valentines Day Blog About Maid Service

By KaitlynM / August 23, 2019 /

This Valentine’s day, think outside of the box of chocolates and let Happy Maids cleaning service be your “wingman”  The idea that a cleaning company could help you foster romantic relationships seems a bit far fetched, but it’s true. Whether you are single, starting a new relationship, or have found the one, a clean house…

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mothers day gift

Mothers Day: The Perfect Gift for Moms in 2019

By KaitlynM / March 26, 2019 /

Mothers Day gifts can be challenging to come up with. You may think you still have plenty of time to figure out how to show your appreciation for the mothers in your life. Don’t put it off any longer. As 2019 has shown us, time flies by and May will be here before we know…

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Hire Maids: A Fresh Clean Start to the New School Year

By KaitlynM / July 23, 2018 /

It’s time to hire maids! If your summer has been busy with a house full of kids, you may be looking forward to the upcoming school year. The kids have kept you busy all season bringing them to and from summer activities. When they’re not at soccer practice or the movies, they’re inviting friends over.…

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Green Cleaners: The Scent of Home

By KaitlynM / April 27, 2018 /

In our last blog, we responded to a customer who mentioned how nice her house smelled after we left. The four little words — “and smelled nice too” — gave us the inspiration for this blog, as we are green cleaners. As lovely as a clean home looks, the elation of seeing it can be diminished…

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Ultimate Check-list

By KaitlynM / April 4, 2018 /

SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Outdoors, the snow has finally melted and the sun is shining. Spring is finally here. Every year in our house we do a thorough spring cleaning to make the transition from winter to spring even more enjoyable! This year, I thought it would be a great idea to make…

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Cleaning Service

Welcome to Happy Maids, Offering the Ultimate in Cleaning Services

By KaitlynM / April 4, 2018 /

We’d like to welcome you to the all-new Happy Maids website and blog. You’re going to learn so much about the cleaning services that we offer, and some of the many reasons we’re one of the best cleaning companies in the Chicagoland area. But, let’s start off with the basics…what are we here for, and…

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cleaning services

How We Handle Move-out Cleaning and Post Construction Cleaning

By KaitlynM / April 4, 2018 /

With a name like Happy Maids, you might think that all we do is house cleaning services. Sure, we handle your basic house cleaning needs, offering regular or as-needed services. We also offer specialty cleaning services that many people don’t think of until they’re in need. Happy Maids offers Move-in/Move-out Cleanings and Post Construction Cleanings…

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Illinois Maid reviews

Chicago Maid Service Review: A Top Rated Local Review of Our House Cleaning Services

By KaitlynM / April 4, 2018 /

From time to time, we highlight some of the comments of our customers, as they bring their house cleaning experiences to light. Here at Happy Maids we’re proud to participate in the Top Rated Local™ program. This is one of the few review sites where a reviewer has to be verified as someone you’ve actually…

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