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5 Things Happy Maids Won't Do During Your House Cleaning Service


We talk a lot about the fantastic cleaning services that we offer, such as regular service, move in cleaning, move out cleaning, post construction cleaning, and office cleaning. You may be thinking that Happy Maids does it all. But, you’ll be surprised to hear there are a few things we just won’t do during your house cleaning (and it’s not what you think). Here are a few things that are off the table with our maid service.

We Won’t Overstep Our Bounds:

We understand if there are off-limits areas of your home that you’d like us to avoid. For some people, the master bathroom is off limits because that’s a private sanctuary where only they are allowed to go. For others, it’s a collectibles room, and they’d rather dust themselves than risk a maid service having a mishap. Maybe you request your team doesn’t leave through the garage to protect the ‘57 Mustang. Or perhaps you have us clean every room, but we don’t touch the entertainment center or your valuable artwork. Whatever the area, object, or reason, we understand that some things are off limits and will respect that.

We Won’t Make You Feel Uncomfortable:

It’s your home, and you should be comfortable in it. After all, that’s why we’re there, to make your home the place you want to be. So, we’re not going to eat or smoke in your home. We also won’t bother your electronics just to catch an episode of The Price Is Right. Our maids always strive to be as least disruptive as possible while cleaning. This means no loud or inappropriate music and no shouting across your home. We’re also always happy to switch up our routine by cleaning a specific room first or last for you so that you can work or relax in peace as we do our magic in the rest of the house.

We Won’t Switch Things Up On You:

One way we respect restricted areas is by making sure our maids are familiar with your home. The best way to do this is to send the same teams to your home. That way, they become familiar with your preferences and the best way to clean your home. Weekly and bi-weekly clients are guaranteed the same teams cleaning their home. Since we typically work in teams of two, in the instance that someone is sick or has an emergency, you don’t have to stress.  The other maid in your regular team will be able to guide her new partner for that day through the specifics of your house cleaning.

We Won’t Be Late:

At Happy Maids, we realize that your time is precious. That’s why we’re always there in the allowed 1-hour window during the day.  Whether you’re there just to let us in or you stay during the house cleaning, we know you expect us to be on time so that you can get on with your day. If you decide you don’t want to stick around during our maid service, we know it’s important for us to be finished before you return. If there is ever an emergency, we will always give you as much notice as possible. In the event of dangerous weather, we will always give you a call to let you know of foreseen cancellations or delays.

We Won’t Steal:

It’s a touchy subject, but let’s address it. You’re inviting strangers into your home to clean it. It’s perfectly natural to wonder if your possessions are safe. This is why our in-depth hiring process includes a background check for all employees. We only hire those whom we’d trust in our own homes. Our employees are treated well in the family environment we have created and are paid well for their hard work. The temptation to steal is not worth the risk of losing their job at the best house cleaning service in Chicagoland!


So, we may not “do it all,” but in this case, isn’t that a good thing? When you’re looking for the best professional house cleaning service, that won’t let you down, trust the cleaning company who will go above and beyond to keep you as a customer. That’s Happy Maids. Contact us today!

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