About Happy Maids.

From family homes to tiny apartments to townhouses to mansions that Happy Maids have cleaned over the past 30+ years, we have learned that individual needs vary and one cleaning concept that works perfectly for one household will not meet the neighbor's expectations.

After all, your home is your sanctuary and you should be able to decide what, how, and when it needs to be cleaned.

Happy Maids can offer highly personalized services for individual customers because after all these years we are still a local, same family-owned, and managed company. We don’t have a corporate office across the country to tell us how to do our job. You’ll be glad that you can have your house taken care of exactly the way you always wanted at no extra cost for your special requests.

We truly believe that best long relationships are built on trust.

You won’t be asked to sign a long-term commitment. We are confident that you will like our work and let us continue to be your very own maids for years to come.

At Happy Maids, it's all about people

All members of our staff are professionally trained European cleaners – not random part-timers. That translates into better efficiency, lower turnover, and employees who really care about the work they perform. Every major cleaning company says they train their employees, but this simply is not possible for most shops, which churn through their staff. Our significantly higher employee retention allows us to train employees continuously.


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