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Our Green Home Cleaning Service Outshines Chemicals

If you prefer a naturally clean home that smells, well, simply clean – we’re on your side. One of the reasons we’re a top-rated eco friendly home cleaning service is because we consistently seek out the most eco friendly green cleaning products on the market. Natural cleaning products even out-clean harsh chemicals when you know how to use them.
Our certified green cleaning supplies are environmentally friendly and good for human health yet tough on dirt, soap scum, and stains. Cleaning products have come a long way since you had to use white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice to make your home a healthy home. Our eco friendly cleaning will make your home smell green-home-clean!


Our Green Cleaning Secret

Our secret is in the alchemy of our green cleaning supplies plus knowledgeable staff. Our professional maids know how to use our natural products to deep clean your home, removing allergens and pollutants from all your wood floors, bathroom fixtures, laundry room -- plus all the nooks and crannies that can harbor germs.
What if you’d prefer we use your own cleaners? No problem! Just provide them for your team (and let the office know).

98% Customer Satisfaction

Experience counts! We’ve been in this business in the northwest Chicago suburbs – in your neighborhood – since 1985. Going above and beyond is in our DNA! That’s why we have 98% customer satisfaction. We consistently go beyond the capabilities of other cleaning companies and beyond your expectations.
Look at our cleaning supply list, read our testimonials, and give us a call. Our professional cleaners will give your home a natural clean that will make you smile!

Green home cleaning company

The Green Home Cleaning Company

Northwest Chicago Suburbs

 We use all natural, plant-derived Better Life Cleaners. They contain no dyes, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and petroleum solvents. They’re also biodegradable, packaged in recyclable containers, and never tested on animals. You'll love coming home to a sparkling clean home that has no harmful chemical odors, or residue.

Better Life Cleaners

  • Glass Cleaner

  • Floor Cleaner

  • Wood Polish

  • Stainless Steel Polish

  • Granite and Stone Cleaner

  • Kitchen and Bath Scrubber

Other Cleaners

  • Betco Clean Earth Peroxide Cleaner

  • Simple Green Bathroom Cleaner**

  • Bar Keepers’ Friend*

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • Clorox Bleach (removes stains)

  • Comet with bleach

*The active ingredient in Bar Keepers’ Friend is oxalic acid, a natural compound that’s found in rhubarb and spinach and works at a molecular level to break the bonds of stains like rust and lime deposits.
**Simple Green has an NFPA/HMIS rating of 0/minimal for Health, Fire, Reactivity, and Special

Do you have your own specific cleaners you want us to use?

Just let us know in the comments section when you schedule your cleaning.

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98% Customer Satisfaction

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Green House Cleaning Testimonials

1000's of Happy Customers (and counting!)

Our team of extraordinary cleaners is what sets us apart from other cleaning companies.

So-o-o Happy!

Jane | Crystal Lake, IL


Great job as usual. Very personal ladies.

James | Algonquin, IL

The crew did a fantastic job today! Very professional and took great care in their work.

Lily | Palatine, IL

The girls are always awesome ❤️

Barbara | Fox River Grove, IL

The girls did a great job :).

Helena | South Barrington, IL

Morgan and her team are always great. Everything was spotless as usual. I love this team!

Maria | Hawthorn Woods, IL

Cleaning to Your Specifications? Your Plan Your Schedule?

We can do that!

Does your home need any special cleaning tasks like dusting the fan blades or washing windows? Or would you like to set up two different schedules for your cleaning? Visit our Your Schedule, Your Plan page, and see just how flexible we can be.

Believe us when we say we work hard every day to earn a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate. Just ask your neighbors! Then give us a call. 1-847-382-0082. We guarantee your happiness.

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