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Move In and Move Out Cleaning

Moving is such a chore. It seems the packing process will never end, and unless you’re a pro because you’ve moved too many times to count, you’ll probably be surprised when the moving truck arrives.

Move-Out Cleaning Services

Whether you’re selling or renting, you always need to leave your old place super clean. But first there’s all that packing, then the boxes are going out the door, and before you know it you’re being asked to lock up and go. When do you possibly have time to clean?

Move-In Cleaning Services

But it will be better at your new place, right? Not likely, unless you like living with other people’s dirt. Truth is, most people just don’t leave their place as clean as you’d like. But where do you find the time to clean before you unpack? Your clean dishes will have to go into those cabinets with whatever crumbly things were left behind, you’ll have to put your things into dusty closets, and you can bet the floors will need a good cleaning.
Besides, shouldn’t you save your energy for all the unpacking – not to mention enjoying your new home?


Enter Our Move-In, Move-out Cleaning Services!

Here’s a completely different scenario. Call us in advance, and we’ll work with you to evaporate all that stress. Poof!
You’ll know we’re standing by to clean your old place after you go, so you can walk out and shut the door behind you with the confidence that it will be cleaned perfectly.
And just wait until you see your new home!We’ve cleaned it to a shine before you even walk in the door. While the movers get to work unloading, you’ll be walking around your new home with a great big beautiful smile.
Your new home! Sparkling clean. No dust bunnies – in fact, no dust at all. No gooey messes – in fact, no mess at all.

Our Happy Maids work hard to make you happy!

How can we be so confident in your satisfaction? Because we only hire the very best house cleaners who will deep clean your home top to bottom.
Now you can enjoy putting your things where you want them, knowing that your entire home is clean.
Stress begone! We’re very good at what we do – that’s why we have a Customer Satisfaction Rate of 98% and our testimonials consistently rave about Happy Maids.
Happy Maids provides a move in and move out house cleaning service done right, by a house cleaning company that earns its reputation by consistently providing excellence. We'll take care to use eco-friendly cleaning supplies and cleaning products that everyone will like, so everyone is happy. If you're renting, you'll get your security deposit back -- if you're selling, the new owners will thank you. And when you get to your new home, you’ll be delighted.
And who knows? Maybe you’ll decide we’re so good, you want to hire us for a regular service. We’ll be ready!

What's included in a Happy Maids Move-In-Move-Out Cleaning?

Bedroom & Living Areas
Basic Clean Deep Clean Move In Out Clean
Cobwebs removed
All horizontal surfaces dusted
Stairs vacuumed; rails/ spindles dusted
Floors and carpets/rugs vacuumed
Beds made/ sheets changed (if provided)
Floors mopped
Garbage removed
Vents and baseboards hand washed
Blinds/window sills/ trim hand washed
Doors/ trim, baseboards hand washed
Fans, light fixtures, and switches hand washed
Inside closets- cobwebs removed, floors vacuumed/washed
Couches/ chairs vacuumed
Stair rails/ spindles hand washed
Inside closets- shelves washed, cobwebs removed, floors vacuumed
Laundry Room
Hourly Service
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Jane | Crystal Lake, IL


Great job as usual. Very personal ladies.

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The crew did a fantastic job today! Very professional and took great care in their work.

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The girls are always awesome ❤️

Barbara | Fox River Grove, IL

The girls did a great job :).

Helena | South Barrington, IL

Morgan and her team are always great. Everything was spotless as usual. I love this team!

Maria | Hawthorn Woods, IL

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