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Cleaning By The Hour

Create your own house cleaning plan! You can choose from a monthly cleaning, a weekly cleaning, bi-weekly, or -- you guessed it -- even mix it up. Schedule a Call!

Cleaning Your Home Your Way

If you’ve already checked out Happy Maids, you know we have a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate and we work hard every day to make our customers smile with delight. You know we use the best deep cleaning supplies while keeping them eco-friendly, and use a step by step cleaning process that always results in a neat and tidy home.

But did you also know we are very flexible, doing everything we possibly can to make your life easier? That means we’re responsive to your preferences about where we clean or when we come, or both.

We can clean the bathrooms with the bedrooms and bonus rooms one week, and the living areas and kitchen the next If you like the idea of creating your own house cleaning schedule, then you’re going to like our Cleaning, Your Way program. We’ll make your life easier!

Your Way, Your Cleaning Routine

Allow us to work with you to create your individualized cleaning routine. We’ll customize your cleaning service and schedule, then send our team to do it right.

What special cleaning tasks does your home need? If your dog has a way of smearing your sliding doors or your kids always spill things in the fridge, we’ll use our effective glass cleaner and microfiber cloths to take care of those areas every time we come.

We can even alternate two different schedules for you. The whole house one week, just a part of it the next. Or you choose how you’d like it – your way!

We’ll arrive on schedule with your special cleaning checklist, and work from a flat or hourly rate to clean your whole house to your exact specifications. We guarantee a cleaning routine done Your Way and we guarantee we’ll make your life easier.

Believe us when we say we work hard every day to earn a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate. Just ask your neighbors!

Hourly Service

Blocks of Time.

Some homeowners have unique cleaning needs that may not require the full list of cleaning tasks associated with our Maintenance Cleaning packages. For smaller cleaning needs, consider purchasing Blocks of Time, based on what you want cleaned and the condition of your home. You can also set up Maintenance Service for Blocks of Time. The following chart shows approximate times associated with cleaning key rooms in the home. Average Times are Minutes PER CLEANER for a 3000-3500 sq. ft. home in Average Condition.

Deep Maintenance Move
Kitchen 60-75 35-45 60-120
Bathroom - Master 60-75 35-45 60-75
Bathroom 45-60 25-30 45-60
Bedroom - Master 25-40 13-15 25-30
Bedroom 20-30 10-15 20-25
Family Room 25-40 15-20 25-35
Making Bed 5 5 0
Changing Bed 10 10 0
Collecting All Trash 10 10 10

BLOCKS OF TIMES IS NOT A GUARANTEE: We will finish your Priority List. The cleaners will work at a professional pace, as always, but will not work faster than normal pace for safety and quality reasons. The cleaners will not perform any tasks that conflict with policies or present a safety risk.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3


Predict how much time you want or need based on the table above. Add more time if needed based on the condition of your home. The Team will walk the home and pre‐inspect it with the homeowner but since this is a timed product this pre‐inspection time is part of your purchased time. This usually takes 10 minutes and is required for initial cleaning. Typically, the Team Leader will conduct a post cleaning inspection of the entire job to check all the work completed. This can take 10‐20 minutes depending on the size of the home/job and is conducted by the Team Leader alone. If you prefer the Team Leader skip this check and simply clean until the time is up, please tell us during your set-up service call. Our people check our work as we clean but having a supervisor inspect the job again is beneficial.


To set up service simply chose the number of hours on the booking form and email us your “Priority List” of the areas you want cleaned or simply give us a call at 847-382-0082


When the Cleaners arrive, the cleaners start at the top of your list and work down, completing as many tasks as possible in the time you purchased. There are no pro‐rated refunds if the cleaners complete your Priority List before the time you purchased expires. In that event, ask your cleaners to clean additional rooms until time runs out. Times are sold on “total hours” for 1 cleaner and not time in the home.

Example: 3 total hours with 2 cleaners is 1.5 hours in the home. 3 total hours with 3 cleaners is 1 hour in the home. Time in the home is calculated: Total Hours purchased / Total Cleaners = Time in the home.

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