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Top-rated professional home cleaning services. Let our team of professionals do the housework for you. Providing maid services in the northwest Chicago suburbs since 1985.

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Top-rated professional home cleaning services. Let our team of professionals do the housework for you. Providing maid services in the northwest Chicago suburbs since 1985.

Trusted Since 1985

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As the highest rated cleaning company we strive to deliver a clean home plus peace of mind and free time. A few extra hours a week can be a difference between doing what you enjoy and doing more tedious work.

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Select a date and time. Easy online scheduling. 60 seconds and done.



Let our highly trained and friendly team do the work.

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Reap the rewards of less stress and a spotless home.

We hire maids you can trust.

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Customer Feedback Means Better Service

We are continually getting better and better at what we do. After each cleaning services, our customers have the option to rate and review the job. We use your feedback to find what isn’t working and make it work better. In addition, cleaning staff raises and bonuses are based on customer ratings.

Our cleaners are motivated to provide great service because they know they get rewarded when their customers are happy. Our commitment to excellence helps us mop up competing cleaning services, and makes us stand out as the top professional home cleaning services company in Illinois. 


Green Cleaners

We are proud to be a top-rated home cleaning services company and we use the best all natural cleaning products that are safe for all the members of your family.


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Dec 5, 2018

During holidays, we all have so much to do and house cleaning is a huge priority. My Happy Maids team make my holidays easy, as they step up to erase my worries. I can talk to my team and what I need done becomes that. I am involved in our community Boy Scouts and had an unplanned meeting today after cleaning - upon walking in, she said “wow, your house looks so nice” and asked for Happy Maids contact info. Maggie at Happy Maids has overseen my cleaning for years now and I am never in doubt that my needs will not be met. I choose to keep my life free of cleaning worries. Call here. My thoughts are my own, the results are theirs. Smart choice. Merry Xmas - my house shines.

- John (Barrington)

Dec 6, 2018

These ladies did a great job as always! Thank you for the great service.

- Michael

Nov 30, 2018

Thanks for getting the mold in the shower.

- Carlos

Maid Service
Maid Service
Maid Service
Maid Service

What You Can Expect From

Happy Maids

Cleaning Services Company
Green Clean

Our non-toxic cleaning products are so safe you can drink them. Oh, and they perform just as well as the toxic stuff. It is our culture to do everything possible to minimize all waste.

Cleaning Services Company
Transparent Pricing

Our prices are available on our website through the booking form and are based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home.

Cleaning Services Company
Customer Support

We’re always here for you. You can reach us via phone, chat, or email. If we can’t answer, we’ll get to you in less than 10 minutes during business hours.

Cleaning Services Company
Communicate Easily

All of our cleaners, from the team lead to our trainees, speak fluent and clear English

Cleaning Services Company
Customised Cleaning

By referencing notes from previous cleanings, we aspire to make each visit fresher than the last.

Cleaning Services Company
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We think you are going to love our service. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we will come back and make things 100% perfect.

Let’s make you Happy : )

You deserve it!

Cleaning is hard. It’s time-consuming and dirty. Spend your time on what makes you happy – not what makes you frustrated. Lucky for you – our maids would love to clean your home or office.

Let’s make you Happy : )

You deserve it!

Cleaning is hard. It’s time consuming, dirty. Spend your time on what makes you happy – not what makes you frustrated. Lucky for you – our maids would love to clean your home or office.

100% Satisfaction

Money Back Guarantee

Friendly Customer Service

Professional Home Cleaning

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How We Handle Move-out Cleaning and Post Construction Cleaning

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