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Give Thanks To Your Host During The Holidays With A Gift Certificate


During the holidays, if you’re not hosting, you’re likely heading to a friend or family member’s home for celebrations. You might have one destination, or maybe several visits to make. No matter how long you’re going to stick around, it’s always a good idea to show your host appreciation with a gift. Whether you stay the night or visit for a week, we know a gift that goes far beyond what comes in a box. The best thing to give your host is the gift of time. There’s no better way to do that than to give them a gift certificate for house cleaning from Happy Maids. When you do this, we’ll take care of the cleaning so they have more time to spend getting ready in other ways (or maybe even sit down for a moment to relax).

Help your host get ready

Let’s say you’re heading to your parent’s house for the holidays, whether it’s for a week or just a meal. One way you can say “Thank you for hosting.” is by saying “We don’t want to put you out, so let us help you get ready.” Doing so is a great way to say “thanks” before you even get there. Don’t leave your host to do all the prep work by themselves. They will be ready for a nap when they should be enjoying the festivities. Make sure they still have enough energy to join the fun. Relieve them of the pre-party cleaning with a Happy Maids gift certificate.

Help them clean up

Once the party dies down, it’s easy to see the aftermath. The kitchen probably took the brunt of the mess, but the whole house needs attention. Sheets in guest bedrooms need to be changed and made. Floors need to be vacuumed and mopped free of bootprints. Mountains of garbage need to be taken out. And if you’re bringing kids with you, you can expect a mess. Giving a gift certificate is a great way of telling the host “we realize we’ve created something of a mess, here’s a little something to help you clean up after we’ve left.”

“But what if they…”

This point always comes up, so we’ll address it head-on: many people worry that giving a gift certificate for maid service could be perceived as offensive. You may worry that this type of gift suggests that the person doesn’t clean their own house well enough. Doesn’t it make you seem like a jerk by implying that you don’t think their house is clean enough? Or that your host can’t handle cleaning their home or isn’t doing a good job?

We’ve got a simple way that you can avoid any awkwardness… spoil the surprise. Tell them exactly why you’re getting them a gift certificate for professional maid service. Tell them that it’s not about the cleanliness of the home, but instead about your desire to give them their time back. It’s not about their ability. Instead, acknowledge that you put a bit of a burden on them and say thank you by alleviating the workload you created.

Gift certificates for home cleaning, when given out of complete kindness, are a great gift for someone who’s hosting you. Wish them the best of holidays by helping them out as much as possible. Give them the gift of Happy Maids today!

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