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The Valentines Day Blog About Maid Service


This Valentine’s day, think outside of the box of chocolates and let Happy Maids cleaning service be your “wingman”  The idea that a cleaning company could help you foster romantic relationships seems a bit far fetched, but it’s true. Whether you are single, starting a new relationship, or have found the one, a clean house can promote a healthy relationship.

You’re single and ready to mingle:

The single life is fun and can be full of surprises. Having regular maintenance cleanings allows you to live a more spontaneous life. With the housecleaning taken care of, you can say “yes” to spur of the moment plans, knowing you don’t have chores waiting on you. You won’t have to worry about the house cleaning being put on the back burner when life gets busy. You’ always prepared to invite friends back to your house after a night out. Be ready for any life throws at you.

You are starting a new relationship:

If you have started a new relationship recently (or snatched yourself a hot date) you’ll want to give a good impression right away. To get ready for a date you shower, shave,  and put on a nice outfit. If you invite them back to your house for a drink or have them over for dinner, don’t you want to make an equally good impression with your home? We’ll give your home the equivalent of a “shower and shave” so you can impress on every level.

You found the one:

When you have been in a relationship for a long time, you typically know what to expect when it comes to your partner (and vise-versa). After all this time, you may find yourself running out of new ideas for ways to surprise or treat your partner. This year, throw them a curveball with a surprise they won’t see coming. Take your significant other out on a date and have us come clean while you two are away. You will return to a sparkling home and they will never see it coming. Your partner will not only be surprised but will appreciate how thoughtful the gesture really is. With the cleaning all taken care of, that time can now be spent with each other.

No matter what stage of your relationship (or non-relationship) you are in, you need Happy Maids this Valentine’s Day. Let us free up your time for social-events, keep your home ready-to-impress, or help you surprise that special someone.

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