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Winter Cleaning In Chicago - Happy Groundhog's Day!


No matter what the groundhog says, we have at least another month of winter and snow here in Illinois. This time of year, it always seems like just when we think we made it to springtime, another winter storm blows through. Which means there are more reasons than ever to get weekly cleanings with our maid service.

Dirty Boots:

There’s so much that boots can bring in to make a mess of your tile or hardwood floors. The ice melt that’s used everywhere leaves a white powder on everything. The black snow you step in that falls off your fenders is carried inside on your boots. Any melted snow that makes it’s way inside will dry and leave an outline of the puddle. It turns out there’s a lot of dirt in the snow. So in the middle of winter, it’s good to have a weekly maid service to keep those floors clean.


As the snow melts, it creates a lot of mud or sludge. When this happens, you’re likely to get some on the cuffs of your pants or snow pants. This is why the winter mess still makes its way into your home, even when you leave your boots at the door. Now you not only have to clean your pants but also the floor (again!). As we said, we’ll take care of your floors, but we can also take care of the laundry. Speaking of laundry…

All the extra laundry:

In summer, the only extra piece of clothing you might need is a swimsuit. In winter there are long pants, jackets, coats, gloves, hats, scarves, and heavy pajamas. Will all the extra layers your family is wearing, laundry will build up quickly, so you may need a hand. Our maid service can take care of that to your specifications!

There’s always something that will benefit from weekly cleaning in the middle of winter, or schedule a deep cleaning. When your house is feeling the effects of the season, give Happy Maids a call!

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