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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hiring A Residential Cleaning Service


When you have a busy schedule or just need a bit of help around the house, residential cleaning services are an ideal solution. These services provide you with a way to make sure your home stays clean on a regular basis. When you don’t have to worry about cleaning, you free up time to do more important things. When it comes to comparing and hiring home cleaning services, where do you start? Check out our ultimate cheat sheet and keep these tips in mind when searching for the most dependable cleaning service.

Look for Experience

The cleaning service you hire for your home should have several years of experience in the business. This helps ensure that they will deliver reliable and consistent service. A company with experience also knows what does and does not work when it comes to supplies and equipment, quality, and efficiency.

Happy Maids is a family owned company and has served the Chicago northwest suburbs for over 30 years.

Ask About Services

Residential cleaning services typically offer different cleaning options. If you’re looking for basic household cleaning, you can easily find companies that offer it. However, if you want additional services, such as cleaning windows or vacuuming furniture, make sure you find a company that provides them. Not all cleaning companies offer these specialty services. Find out what is and is not included in their different services. Ask about any specific tasks you want to be done.

Happy Maids offers a one-time basic cleaning, deep cleaning, move in/out cleaning, or reoccurring maintenance cleanings. Maintenance cleanings can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Every cleaning is custom tailored to fit your cleaning needs.

Find Out About Rates

Some cleaning services charge flat rates, while others charge on an hourly basis. You might also have to pay extra fees for any special services you request. Find out what the rates are and how they create their rates by requesting a quote. Bonus points if the company can do an in-home walkthrough, to customize your service.

Happy Maids is always happy to do an in-home walkthrough. We create our rates from a number of factors including the square footage of your home, the condition of your home, and your family’s (and furry friends!) specific needs. Check out our online quoting tool, or call us for a more custom quote!

Check on Equipment and Supplies

Some cleaning services bring everything that’s needed for the job. Others might only show up with equipment, which means you have to provide cleaning products. If you don’t want the added chore of buying equipment and keeping cleaning supplies stocked, look for a cleaning company that brings their own supplies and equipment. Also, ask if you have the freedom to switch cleaning supplies if needed. For example, if the cleaning company brings supplies with ingredients that you’re sensitive to, you should be able to provide your own for them to use instead.

Happy Maids provides green cleaners, equipment, and cleaning clothes for each job. You can provide any alternative cleaners or equipment to your team that you prefer.

Choose an Insured and Bonded Cleaning Service

When you hire a cleaning company, you’re letting someone you don’t know into your home. Hiring a company that’s insured and bonded gives you peace of mind in case you have items that end up being damaged or discover that you have items that are missing. Companies that are insured and bonded are committed to providing dependable service and willing to make amends if anything is lost or broken.

Happy Maids is fully insured and bonded and is committed to treating your home and belongings with care.

Ask About Liability

What happens if a cleaning service employee is injured in your home? You can be financially and legally liable if the cleaner isn’t covered by personal liability. Most people know the risks of hiring an individual house cleaner for this reason. However, many don’t realize that even established companies can lack liability insurance. Look for a company that provides Workers Compensation coverage for their employees.

Happy Maids employees are covered by workers compensation. This ensures our employees receive the care they need in the instance there is an accident on the job. So, you have nothing to worry about.

Do You Have to Be Home?

If you plan on having a home cleaning service stop by during the week when you’re at work, check their policy about whether or not someone needs to be home. In most cases, you don’t need to be home during your cleaning. Many people provide their cleaning company with a key to their home. That way, the cleaners can come by during normal business hours. Keys are then returned to the cleaning company and kept in a secure place.

Happy Maids is happy to clean your home whether or not you decide to stick around for the transformation. You can provide the office with a key for your convenience. If you have work or errands to run, we can let ourselves in and lock up on the way out. Keys are stored in a security box at our office location and are randomly numbered for extra precaution.

Ask About Pets

If you have pets, make sure the cleaning service you hire is willing to have employees come when you’re not home. Some companies may ask you to crate your pets, if possible. It’s a good idea to plan on being home the first time they visit to introduce your pets to the cleaning employees.

Happy Maids employees often look forward to saying hello to your furry friends. We do not mind working around animals, so long as they are friendly and not disruptive.

Have more questions? For more information about our home cleaning services in Chicago,explore our FAQs or call us at 847-382-0082.

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