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Professional House Cleaners: What Do They Do?


Hiring professional house cleaners for the first time? You’re probably not sure what to expect from your maids: what exactly will they clean when they enter your home? Read on to find out what it is that house cleaners do.

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What to expect from a house cleaner?


Which tasks your professional maid will perform will vary depending on the cleaning company you hire. Many companies won’t necessarily give you a clear-cut checklist but will make sure to provide each client with a personalized service best suited to their needs. Here’s how you can ensure you get the services you want from your cleaner:  

  • Define your expectations: the best way to ensure you don’t end up disappointed is to give your maid clear instructions from the start. Be open with your cleaner and save both of you some time.
  • Don’t expect your cleaner to do everything: it’s never a good idea to make your maid run your errands. Your cleaner is paid to clean, not to walk your dog.
  • Give the cleaner some time: professional maids have a myriad of cleaning tricks up their sleeves and can easily clean your whole house in one day. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect your home to look completely different after just one visit.
  • Don’t put your maid in danger: don’t make your maid climb! It’s unnecessary and could cause serious injuries.  

What rooms do house cleaners clean?

When you book your cleaning services, you’ll probably get to choose the rooms you want your maid to clean. Esteemed cleaning companies will allow you to do this via an efficient booking platform which enables you to pick the rooms and type of services you need.

During the booking process, you can also specify any additional requests you might have. While tasks such as carpet cleaning, dishwashing or laundry are not usually included in Maintenance Cleaning services, you can usually book them separately through the hiring system.

Of course, if you can’t access the web, you can schedule your cleaning via phone call. Just ring the company and arrange your services that way.

What to look for in house cleaners?


If you want your house cleaning service to meet or surpass your expectations, you need to know which characteristics to look for in professional cleaners. Here are some questions you should ask when choosing your maids:  

  • Are the maids fully vetted, bonded and insured? If you want to ensure you and your belongings are safe, you need to make sure that the cleaners you hire are trustworthy and covered by insurance.
  • Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee? In case you’re not happy with your service, a good cleaning company will send someone to re-do the areas you’re not satisfied with at no additional cost shortly after you contact them.
  • Which cleaning products do they use? If the maids bring their own cleaning supplies, you should ask whether the products they use are non-toxic. Many companies nowadays use EWG approved eco-friendly products, but make sure to check this with the cleaners.  

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