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The Advantages of Weekly Cleanings With Our Maid Service

While every customer enjoys the benefits Happy Maids cleaning service offers, weekly customers have a few more perks to enjoy. Customers who schedule weekly cleanings are guaranteed the same team coming to their home each week. Customers who schedule monthly or on an as-needed basis can make requests, but cannot be guaranteed a specific team’s availability. Weekly customers can rely on their team to arrive on the same day of the week at the same time each visit. Best of all, when you create a weekly schedule, you also get a 20% discount on each cleaning!

Some people feel that a bi-weekly cleaning suits their needs; but by the end of those two weeks, they’re very eager to see us! That’s because two weeks can be right on the edge of “too long” between cleanings. Bi-weekly customers may find themselves calling for an extra cleaning from time to time. You may be hosting a party, have family or friends visiting, or maybe it was an unusually hectic week. At times like these, you may wonder if weekly cleanings are a better option for you.


If you’re not a fan of doing laundry, we’re perfectly happy to add it as a regular part of your weekly cleaning. We can throw a load in the washing machine when we arrive, and get it in the dryer before we finish. This is a task we can also add to bi-weekly cleanings, but you might run out of your favorite clothes before your next cleaning. Two weeks of laundry means two weeks of your dirty socks and underwear stinking up your closet… and if you’ve got kids, multiply that!


If there’s one area of cleaning that people hate the most, it’s the bathroom. And if you have more than one bathroom, you have more than one reason to hate it! Bathrooms can get disorganized and messy quick. Strangely enough, one of the biggest contributors to the mess is toothpaste. It spatters on the mirror, globs on the counter, and creates that white film in your sink. You don’t need a reminder of all of the other dirty jobs included in cleaning the bathrooms. Why wait two weeks?

Weekly Cleaning Keeps Everything From Getting Too Bad

If you notice your bathroom or kitchen sink starting to collect dirt after a week, you’ll spend the next week watching it build up. Weekly maid service keeps things from getting too bad between appointments so you can enjoy a more consistent clean.

Happy Maids will be there every week at the same time to give you the excellent weekly cleaning you deserve.


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