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Ah, the basement. Even the word makes you feel ‘yuck’. It’s a great place to put all that stuff you won’t be needing any time soon, but truth be told, what begins as short-term storage usually becomes useless, unwanted, and forgotten.

A broken lamp you were sure you’d fix, a chair you no longer love that needs repairs, that bike the kids have outgrown, the little this, the big that, and eventually almost all basements are yuck. Yuck! Downright unwelcoming, and kind of depressing.

Come to think of it, someone should produce a movie about the basement junk that comes to life and starts to rumble and grumble about their plight.

So, how’s your basement? A jumbled mess of disorganized stuff? Why don’t you let our premier cleaning service take care of it?

Our customers tell us that even if they haven’t peeked into the basement for months, they feel lighter and happier once Happy Maids has done its magic. The science of Feng Shui explains that messy spaces affect the overall feel of your environment – even if they’re out of sight.

Why are Happy Maids housekeepers the best?

Our vetted and bonded professional cleaning experts just love to get basements back in order. First, they work with you to define what stays and what goes. Any heavy or large junk will need a junk removal service, but they’ll do the rest. And to be sure we don’t miss a thing they use an itemized process.

Does your basement have poles? We’ll wipe those down. Windows? Cobwebs? Appliances? Everything gets our attention, including the floor which we’ll vacuum and mop with our eco friendly products.

The End of Yuck … and the End of Grumbling

Your basement will feel thoughtfully ordered and have the fresh, clean scent of our green cleaning products. The rumbling and grumbling? We can pretty well guarantee you that’s stopped. You might even call it peaceful and just wait, you’ll see – your whole house will feel lighter.

Take a look at our Basement Cleaning checklist below, then call us for a free estimate.

What’s included in a Happy Maids Cleaning?

Maintenance Clean Deep Clean Move In/Out
Doors and door frames dusted (spot cleaned), knobs cleaned included included included
Doors and door frames hand washed included included
Light switch and plates cleaned included included included
Room is high dusted, free of cob webs included included included
Ceiling Fans & Vents dusted included included included
Ceiling Fans & Vents within reach using step ladder hand cleaned included included
Light fixtures dusted included included included
Light fixtures within reach using step ladder hand cleaned included included
All items on the walls and within reach are dusted. Dusted items are hanging balanced against the wall. included included
All knick-knacks hand dusted (up to 10 items per shelf, unless more time purchased) included included
Bookshelves and edge of books dusted included included included
Mirrors and interior French Doors spot cleaned or cleaned steak free as needed included included included
Window sills & blinds dusted (both sides). included
Window sills & blinds Hand washed (both sides) included
Table dusted or wiped clean. All chairs wiped clean and no dust bunnies on bottom of chair legs included included
All furniture dusted top to bottom (spot cleaned as needed) and area under furniture cleaned (within reach) included included
Pillows fluffed and straightened, blankets refolded, and general straightening up included included
TVs and Entertainment Centers dusted – TV screens are not cleaned for safety reasons included included
Baseboards dust free and spot cleaned as needed. included
Baseboards Hand washed included included
Floors vacuumed and mopped clean if non-carpeted. Check corners & edges of all floors. included included included
Wastebaskets emptied and relined included included

Services Not Included

  • Lifting or Moving large or heavy furniture
  • Cleaning bio-hazardous substances (feces, blood, etc)
  • Removal of mold
  • Cleaning inside China cabinets
  • Areas higher than 2nd step of stepladder
  • Cleaning inside the dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer
  • Cleaning any part of home exterior
  • Wiping light bulbs
  • Excessive trash or clutter
  • Cleaning inside fireplaces
  • Wet Clean the fronts of TVs
  • Cleaning infested properties (rodents, bugs, etc)
  • Service clients who are disrespectful to our staff
  • Move appliances that are permanently connected to electric, gas or water