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While the bathroom is probably not your favorite room to clean, it just might be the most important because germs can seriously tax your immune system and cause illness.  How does Happy Maids clean and disinfect your bathroom, ensuring your family stays healthier and happier?

We start with eco friendly cleaning products, the best on the market to attack soap scum buildup in your shower and tub. Then our well-trained cleaning teams disinfect from top to bottom, making sure the toilet, sinks, and floor are sparkling clean.

How do we protect from cross-contamination in the bathroom? One of the ways is by using color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths and fresh paper towels. Our maids implement a specific cleaning process to be sure they’re killing – not spreading – germs.

As a professional cleaning company, we’re hardwired to do things right. We always work hard to earn our 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate.

While we don’t call our standard bathroom cleaning service a “deep clean,” we clean every square inch of it. It looks and smells sparkling clean because it is!

Our maids are so top notch, they’ve made house cleaning their career. Find out for yourself! Call us today for a free estimate.

What’s included in a Happy Maids Cleaning?



  • Cobwebs removed
  • Vents hand washed
  • Countertops, sink, drain, and faucet scrubbed
  • Mirrors wiped streak free
  • Hand wash interior and exterior of cabinets
  • Showers/ tubs scrubbed (shower door/track/shower rod cleaned)
  • All horizontal surfaces dusted
  • Hand wash blinds/window sills/ trim
  • Hand wash doors/ trim
  • Toilet cleaned inside and out
  • Floors/ rugs/ mats vacuumed
  • Baseboards and floors hand washed