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Best Chicago Local Gifts

Best Chicago Local Gifts: Give the Gift of House Cleaning from Happy Maids

Best Chicago Local Gifts:
The Gift of House Cleaning

At first, the idea of giving a gift certificate for cleaning services might seem like an insult. Are you saying “hey, I noticed that your house is a mess? It’s obvious you can’t handle your own cleaning, so you need this.” But more often than not, that’s not the case. We can think of three people who would love and appreciate a gift certificate for cleaning service more than anything else.

New Parents:

When you have a baby, everything else (including cleaning) goes by the wayside, and rightfully so…the baby is the number one priority. But that doesn’t change the fact that one way or another, the cleaning needs to be done. Reduce the strain on new parents and allow them to focus on the baby by giving them the gift of house cleaning from Happy Maids. They will appreciate every bit of help they can get.

Someone Sick or Injured:

Most people who are sick or returning from the hospital aren’t going to jump right back into house cleaning the next day. Whether they’re recovering from surgery, have a broken arm, or have just been under the weather, the last thing on their to-do list is clean. Recovery from an injury or illness requires a lot of energy, so give the gift of relief with a gift certificate for a house cleaning.

The Elderly:

This might be the trickiest one because someone who has taken care of their house their entire life might be reluctant to admit that they could use a hand. But that’s why a gift certificate is such a good idea. You can reassure them that Happy Maids will always clean to their personal preferences. Our cleaning service can “reset” their home to a pristine clean state, and then they can have the satisfaction of taking care of the small stuff as it arises (or they might just start using Happy Maids all the time!)

If you’re familiar with the amazing clean you can get from Happy Maids, you know the wonderful feeling of a clean home. Share that feeling with those who need it most by giving a gift certificate! We clean houses, apartments, and offices in the northwest Chicago suburbs since 1985.


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