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Get Ready For Cleaning Service During December Holidays


Are you recovered from Thanksgiving yet? We sure hope so because ready or not, here come the December holidays! Those of you celebrating Christmas have just 20 days until the big day. If you’re hosting, you probably have even fewer days until your friends and relatives start showing up. Luckily, Happy Maids has the magic touch to make your house shine in December.

We can tailor your clean to fit your specific needs during the holidays and can get it all done before everyone arrives. Contact us as soon as possible, before we are all booked up. As you can imagine the holidays are a busy time for a cleaning company.

Weekly Cleaning

If you’re already on our weekly schedule, you have nothing to worry about. Your house was cleaned last week, it will be clean this week, and we will be there to clean it every week until your guests arrive. Since you’ve decided on a weekly cleaning service, your house is already looking good from the last cleaning, and now we’re just doing touchups.

Of course, you might want some extra tasks performed if you’re having guests stay over. Not a problem. We can launder the linens that are on the spare bed and freshen up the guest bathroom that you usually don’t have us worry about. We know you want your home to be as inviting as possible when you have guests over, and we can make every room fresh and clean to the eyes and nose!

An Extra Visit

If you have bi-weekly cleaning service, there’s a good chance that your home is getting a little messier than you’d like by day 13. Sure, you don’t mind when it’s just you and your family. But if you’re hosting guests you’ll probably want to have us stop by for an extra touch-up before they arrive. It doesn’t necessarily have to be “the night before Christmas,” but the days leading up to the arrival of your guests is when you have the most on your plate. Let us take house cleaning off your to-do list.

One Time Cleaning Before

Many people don’t have a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service. Some of our customers handle their own housecleaning most of the time but call us before special occasions, such as a holiday party or having relatives stay with them. Some special occasions call for a more thorough deep cleaning to really make your home sparkle.

One Time Cleaning After

A one-time cleaning after the festivities is just as helpful as a cleaning beforehand. People who have cooked a large meal call us to make their kitchen shine again. We will launder the slept in bedding and clean that extra bathroom after your guest depart.

When you need maid service in the Chicago area, nobody beats Happy Maids. Give us a call and we’ll make your holidays go as smooth as possible!

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