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We’d like to welcome you to the all-new Happy Maids website and blog. You’re going to learn so much about the cleaning services that we offer, and some of the many reasons we’re one of the best cleaning companies in the Chicagoland area.

But, let’s start off with the basics…what are we here for, and why should you trust Happy Maids over the many maid services that you can find online?

Happy Maids Staff:

Often people wonder if the maids at Happy Maids are really happy. Well, no one can be happy all the time, but here’s who we hire: people who like to clean. And as odd as that might seem, they’re out there: people who like to get things clean and put things in order. We find that the people who genuinely enjoy cleaning typically have a natural knack for it. We’ve seen other house cleaning companies hire people who are only in it for the paycheck, and they really should change their name to “Grumpy Maids”. When someone loves what they do it shows through their attitude and quality of work.

Our Honesty:

The first step to protecting your home and belongings is to hire honest people. All of Happy Maid’s employees are background checked before being hired. The next step is to pay them a fair wage. Employees making a fair wage don’t have a reason to steal. On the contrary, they’re less likely to risk losing a good job.

Our Punctuality:

At Happy Maids, we respect your time, whether you want to be home while we clean or you’d rather us take care of things when you’re not around. We arrive within a one-hour appointment window and always give you notice if there is a need to alter the schedule. In case you’re having short-notice dinner guests, we always do our best to accommodate last minute cleaning services,

We hope you’ll give Happy Maids a try for your house cleaning services…we know you’ll be impressed! Get a free quote today!

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