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Thanksgiving Greetings! Call Us For House Cleaning Services


The anticipation is over: Thanksgiving is here! When Thanksgiving rolls around, everyone always dreams about the perfect dinner table in the dining room. What is traditionally a time for food, friends, and family also becomes a time for cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!

If You’re Hosting (pre-show!):

If you are the host for Thanksgiving, we’re guessing you already have enough to worry about. You want to impress your guests with tons of mouth watering food. You have to prepare the place settings, countless dishes, the music, and figure out how you’ll handle your loudmouth uncle. Why add cleaning to your list of things to do?  Your home will be filled with people moving all about, so your living room and bathrooms need to be just as impressive as the dinner table. Invite Happy Maids to your house for a pre-party cleaning and have your home sparkling before the first guest comes through the door.

If You’re Hosting (post-game!):

Everyone is gone… what a relief! But to your horror, as you look around, you cant ignore the disaster. Your kitchen is a mess from top to bottom (is that mashed potatoes on the ceiling?), your floors have sticky cranberry sauce on them, and your bathroom has had more traffic than the Metra Station. You’re burned out, but you cant relax surrounded by… leftovers. Who are you gonna call at a time like this? Who can you rely on to get it done right? (Happy Maids…Happy Maids is the answer.)

If You’re Not Hosting:

Let’s say you’re not hosting, and instead, heading out to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving. This takes a huge load off your shoulders, but, do you really want to come home to a dirty house? No! Give us a call and we’ll get your place nice and clean so that you can enjoy your food coma instead of cleaning!

You can also embrace the Thanksgiving spirit and give your dinner host the gift of house cleaning. A house cleaning gift certificate is a great way to give thanks and there is nothing they will appreciate more after the stress of party prep.

No matter your plans for Thanksgiving, give Happy Maids a call and we’ll help you have the best Thanksgiving ever!

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