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How To Prepare For House Cleaning? | House Cleaning In Inverness


Hiring house cleaning services for the first time? You’re probably wondering if there’s anything you should do before the maid arrives. How can you prepare your home for house cleaning services?


The best house cleaning in Inverness has one mission: to provide you with more time for things you love doing the most. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what you can to make your house cleaner’s work easier. Read on to learn how to prepare your home for your maid’s visit.  

How do I prepare my house for cleaning?

If you want to get the most out of your professional cleaning services, you should know how to help the cleaners work smoothly. There are several steps you can take if you want to ensure your maid is able to clean your home quickly and efficiently.

Get rid of the clutter

Your maid is paid to clean your home, not put your belongings in their proper place. Make an effort to declutter your home before your cleaning visit so that your maid doesn’t have to work around your stuff while trying to clean.

Keep your pets safe

If you live with pets, it’s a good idea to find a good spot for your furry friends to avoid any mishaps and enable the cleaner to work smoothly. Lock them in their crate or keep them in a room the cleaner won’t spend much time in.

Take out fresh sheets

In case you want your maid to change your bed sheets, make sure to put fresh linens on the bed or another visible place. The cleaner shouldn’t waste time looking for them around the house.

What should house cleaners clean?

If you’ve never hired house cleaning services before, you probably have no idea what to expect. What will the maid actually clean? Which tasks are included in the Maintenance Cleaning package?

The chores your professional cleaner will tackle will depend on the company and the type of service you choose. Most cleaning companies will provide you with a list of tasks included in their regular cleaning package and usually offer a number of service add-ons you can choose from. If you’re environmentally conscious, most companies will also offer using eco-friendly cleaning agents as an option.

In case you need a more comprehensive clean, opt for a deep cleaning service. While regular cleaning usually consists of some basic maintenance tasks, deep cleaning includes more demanding chores, such as washing the windows, cleaning inside your appliances, cleaning the blinds, etc. This type of service lasts significantly longer in comparison with Maintenance Cleaning.

Does my house cleaner need insurance?

If you want to ensure a positive house cleaning experience, it’s extremely important to check whether the cleaning company is insured and bonded. Before you hire, ask for confirmation of the following types of insurance:

  • General liability insurance: in case a maid breaks or damages something in your home, this type of insurance guarantees that you’ll be compensated for the items in question.  
  • Bonding: to protect yourself in the case of theft, check whether your cleaning company is bonded. This way, the insurance will cover your stolen items.  
  • Worker’s compensation: this type of insurance is mandatory, but the regulations differ depending on the state you’re in. Worker’s comp protects you in case a maid suffers an injury while cleaning your home.   

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