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Get Ready For Your 4th Of July Party With Happy Maids


We’re nearing the end of June, which means the 4th of July is right around the corner. You may be going to one of the local firework shows, celebrating at a friend’s or family’s house, or (if you’re brave) you have decided to host the fun at your house.

If you decided to host the party this year than you must have a lot of free time… right? In fact, just the opposite. (News flash: Busy people like to have fun too.) Whether or not you were busy before, you will be now. You have a lot of work ahead between moving the lawn (a bigger task if you have dogs), stocking up on food and drinks, and getting your hands on some less-than-legal fireworks (we won’t tell!).

Obviously, you’ve got more than enough on your mind, so leave the cleaning to someone else. If you’re not a subscriber to our weekly service, then we’re happy to stop by for a one-time cleaning service. Or, in this case, maybe a two-time.


Like we said, you’re busy with a list of tasks to finish for the 4th of July. Whether you’re hosting a couple people or a couple dozen, you want your home to give a good impression. While you’re shopping and doing yardwork we can get your home looking its best. Focus your energy on more the important (and fun!) details… like sparklers and glowsticks.


After the long 4th of July weekend do you have the energy to clean up? The floors are covered in dirt from guests going in and out of the house. There is an entire dinner plate worth of crumbs on the floor by the snack table. Drinks have been spilled. Garbages are overflowing. And you’re ready…. for a nap. If you didn’t have us clean before the party, you’ll certainly want us there to clean up afterward!

Keep it Going

Once you see your home sparkling after we leave, you’ll want it kept that way. If you don’t already have us over for regular cleaning service, give us a call.

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