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Spring Cleaning Ultimate Check-list From Happy Maids Cleaning Service



Outdoors, the snow has finally melted and the sun is shining. Spring is finally here. Every year in our house we do a thorough spring cleaning to make the transition from winter to spring even more enjoyable! This year, I thought it would be a great idea to make a list of what to do during spring cleaning. The goal is to get organized with the spring cleaning duties so that it can be done quicker. The last thing you want is to be stuck inside cleaning while everyone is outside enjoying the weather!

Here’s a checklist for your spring cleaning duties!



  • When you change your sheets, switch to lighter blankets. Fold and store extra blankets(so you’re not overheated at night)
  • Remove the trash/things that don’t belong in the room
  • Organize the things that belong in that room so it’s quicker to find what you need
  • Move the bed (and any other movable furniture) and vacuum the dust that has collected under there
  • Start a “donate” box of things you don’t use anymore and clothes that you don’t wear

Living Room

  • Remove couch cushions to vacuum inside the couch
  • Move the couches and vacuum to get at all the dust that’s been settling underneath
  • Vacuum the carpets and  (if you can, hire a carpet cleaning service)
  • Put away any leftover holiday decorations (there are usually a few stragglers)
  • Organize DVDs and books
  • Dust/wipe down the TV, and TV stand
  • Dust/wipe down coffee tables, polish if wooden

Attic/Storage Room(s)

  • Remove what boxes you can from the room. Go through each item and ask yourself if you or your family will ever need it. If not, put it in a bag/box and have a donation service come pick it up for free
  • Do a quick sweep/vacuum and dust of the open areas to keep things under control
  • Bring everything back into the room and store in an organized fashion


  • If you have a basement, check if your sump pump is in good working condition for when the April showers come in!
  • Take area rugs outside and hang them over a railing or anything that will let it hang freely. Beat them with a broom to loosen all the dust embedded deep in the rug. Finish by vacuuming off any leftover dust
  • Buy a shoe rack, or a shoe organizer to keep the shoes neatly organized and out of the way
  • Take down hanging drapes to wash (double check washing instruction) and clean blinds with a duster
  • Collect all your winter clothing and store them in a closet or separate bin to keep them out of the way during the spring/summer season
  • Don’t forget to dust above doors and door frames!
  • Put the patio furniture back outside
  • Hook your garden hoses back up outside and coil up neatly

Tips and tricks:

  • To make the spring cleaning process a little more enjoyable, create an upbeat “spring cleaning” playlist. It will put you in a positive mood and will help keep the energy flowing.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself: create smaller goals and designate specific tasks for each day. When your designated tasks are done, enjoy the rest of your day. Don’t push yourself to do more or you will burn yourself out.
  • Keep all blinds and drapes open to allow as much natural light in while you’re cleaning. This will give you more energy and bring light(quite literally) to dirt and dust hiding in corners and crevices.


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