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Simplify Your Summer Cleaning Routine For More Free Time


With warm summer weather and plenty of outdoor activities on the horizon, who wants to spend their entire summer indoors cleaning? At the same time, it is difficult to relax at the end of a day of sun and fun when your home is hidden under a layer of grime. Luckily, five easy steps can help you streamline your cleaning routine and minimize the time you spend while maximizing your home’s sparkling clean appearance.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Break down your tasks and create a cleaning routine for yourself.  Putting together a schedule has two big benefits. First, no room or area in your home gets overlooked or put on the back burner because you get it done first hand. Second–and most importantly–you can plan your weekly routine to ensure that you never have too many tasks to tackle at one time to help avoid becoming overwhelmed. Avoid the paralyzing feeling of not know where to start by being specific in your schedule. Instead of “clean the bathroom,” assign specific duties such as “scrub the bathtub” or “wipe down the mirror.”

Work in Short Increments

It may be tempting to schedule all of your cleaning for Sunday morning, but it’s no fun to wake up on your last weekend day to a week’s worth of mess to clean up. Instead, try devoting just a few minutes a day to cleaning your home. Make a habit of tidying up regularly to minimize your need for deep cleaning sessions. In addition, train yourself to clean as you go, such as when you’re cooking; you’ll thank yourself after dinner when you don’t have a pile of dishes to look forward to.

Utilize Productivity Hacks to Make Your Time Go Faster

Even if you break down your cleaning routine into a few minutes a day, sometimes you’ll need to devote slightly longer sessions to cleaning–such as when your children decide to bring the beach home with them. For these situations, take advantage of productivity hacks like the Pomodoro Method. This technique instructs you to set a timer for  25 minutes. Clean without interruption for those 25 minutes, then take a refreshing five-minute break when the timer goes offer; repeat until done. How much faster your cleaning efforts go will surprise you.

Don’t Push Yourself to Do More Than You Planned to Do

You may be tempted to keep going once your scheduled tasks for the day are complete. You may have the energy and momentum to vacuum after the kitchen is done, but don’t get carried away. Doing too much can leave you stressed and exhausted. You may not have the energy to clean on your next scheduled day. Stick to the cleaning routine you planned and remind yourself of your goal–more time to enjoy the summer and its offerings. Put that extra energy to good use playing fetch with your dog or having an outdoor barbecue with your family.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service to Take Care of the Job for You

At the end of the day, you can take steps to make your cleaning routine run smoothly–but you still have to get down on your knees to scrub your floors. Alternatively, you can hire a professional cleaning service to do the job for you. Opt for a company that emphasizes experience and professionalism to ensure that you receive a top-quality clean while you’re out enjoying the summer sun.

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