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Importance Of Commercial Cleaning Services For Your Business


Happy Maids cleaning service is known for our residential cleaning services. You may be surprised to learn that Happy Maids also leads the industry in commercial cleaning services as well. As your business grows, it can be difficult to keep up with the office cleaning. Emptying the trash bins, dusting the desks, and cleaning the company bathroom can become a big job.  Who’s job is it to do all that anyway? As a business owner, your time is valuable because you always have work to catch up on. You simply don’t have time. The more your business grows and the more employees you have, the more there is to clean. Reap the benefits of a commercial cleaning service by calling Happy Maids. Having your business professionally cleaned will benefit not only you but your business as a whole.


Employees need a clean space to work efficiently. Clutter and cobwebs are distracting. Even more distracting is the smell of last week’s lunch still sitting in the garbage. You certainly don’t want the lasagna container that was thrown out on Thursday stinking up the office on Monday. Give your employees a clean work environment to promote productivity. More importantly, we can also help you reduce sick days. Wiping down the desks and counters prevents to spread of germs, keeping your employees healthy.


If your business welcomes customers, the cleanliness of your business and its facilities have a big impact on their impression of you. Having a dirty floor or bathrooms can distract from what your business is all about. Even if it’s not on the forefront of their mind, subconsciously they’re judging you. Give them a positive experience every time they walk through your doors. Happy Maid’s commercial cleaning services will keep your business and it’s facilities clean and tidy.

Vendors and Partners

Your business partners are equally as important as your customers.  You may have vendors stopping by to sell you a business product. Or more importantly, you might be trying to pitch an idea or business deal to a professional partner. Don’t let the cleanliness of your business have a negative influence on your business’s growth. Be ready for them with weekly cleanings.

Commercial cleaning services aren’t just for you, but for your employees and everyone you work with. Have them taken care of in a flash with the best professional cleaning service around, Happy Maids!

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