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Why Use A Move In Cleaning Service Before Living In Your Next Home


Congratulations! You’re moving into a new house or apartment. You’re really excited to move in, and when you arrive, it looks like the previous tenants cleaned up after themselves. The counters are clean, the carpets look vacuumed, and the bathrooms look fine. Time to move in, right?

Well, not so fast. Think twice before you start moving your stuff in. Most people moving out are okay cleaners at best, and even if things look clean on the surface, you might be surprised just how dirty they remain. Here’s a few reasons you might want to use our move in cleaning service. Warning: There’s some yuck ahead!


We’ll start with the worst of it… Even if the bathroom appear clean, don’t trust it. Years of yuck might be hiding around the toilet. The walls will have water (or other liquid) splatters on them that you might not see right away. The shower will have nooks and crannies filled with stuff that you won’t see on your first day of living there but might discover later (to your horror). Will you really take a bath in a tub used by who knows, without a professional cleaning? Bring us in for a complete bathroom cleaning and know that your own germs are the only ones you have to deal with.


What’s in a bedroom to fear? Well, because people spend so much time in them, germs and bacteria tend to build up and linger. And when they moved out, the last thing they took out of the bedroom was probably the mattress, so years’ worth of skin cells (and dust mites…don’t forget dust mites!) floated into the air and landed on every surface. A lot of people think that once the room is empty there is nothing left to clean. These people are wrong. This is actually the perfect opportunity to wash all of those baseboards and woodwork, light switches and outlets, vents,

Ceiling Fans:

Most people don’t even think to clean the tops of the ceiling fans, but when you turn them on for the first time, you’ll definitely remember. All of that built up dust will be stirred into the air and will resettle throughout your home.


When the previous occupants were cooking, did they drip pancake batter onto the lazy susan and forgot to clean it? You might have never even thought to look before you moved in. Kitchens have spots that most people forget to clean. Washing the fronts and insides of all the cabinets is often a project that will be overlooked by a mover.

It’s easy to miss stuff when you have on the rose-tinted glasses of checking out your next home, so it’s important to give Happy Maids a call for the ultimate move in cleaning service!

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