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Isn’t it funny that the room you use to clean your clothes is often the messiest and funkiest of them all? You can get so used to lint dust that you don’t even realize it’s there, and detergent or fabric softener spills become such a part of the scene that you don’t even see them … until they start to get tacky, then hard, then gray with lint dust.
Of course, if you have our maids services come regularly to keep your home shining, these won’t build up because our maids are great at cleaning laundry rooms. They enjoy knowing that the next time you do a load of laundry you’ll notice their attention to detail – the mopped floor, clean appliance knobs, shiny washing machine and dryer, and the lint filter that’s clean and ready for use.
And there’s no lint dust.

Laundry room with taupe walls and modern appliances.

A Laundry Room with No Lint Dust!

We keep your home clean, and a clean and shiny laundry room makes doing laundry a lot more enjoyable. And who knows, you might even look forward to it!
We're the most highly recommended house cleaning service in the area. We offer a top-notch cleaning experience for your entire home, including your washer dryer. Review our Laundry Room Cleaning checklist below, then call us for a free estimate.

What's included in a Happy Maids Cleaning?

Laundry room:

  • Cobwebs removed
  • Vents and baseboards hand-washed
  • Wipe tops/ fronts of washer and dryer
  • All horizontal surfaces dusted
  • Sink, drain, and faucet scrubbed
  • Light fixtures and switches hand-washed
  • Blinds/ window sills/ trim hand-washed
  • Doors/ trim hand-washed
  • Vacuum rugs/ floor and floor mopped
  • Cabinets outside washed

Cleaning to Your Specifications? Your Plan Your Schedule?

We can do that!

Does your home need any special cleaning tasks like dusting the fan blades or washing windows? Or would you like to set up two different schedules for your cleaning? Visit our Your Schedule, Your Plan page, and see just how flexible we can be.

Believe us when we say we work hard every day to earn a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate. Just ask your neighbors! Then give us a call. 1-847-382-0082. We guarantee your happiness.

Laundry Room Cleaning Testimonials

1000's of Happy Customers (and counting!)

Our team of extraordinary cleaners is what sets us apart from other cleaning companies.

So-o-o Happy!

Jane | Crystal Lake, IL


Great job as usual. Very personal ladies.

James | Algonquin, IL

The crew did a fantastic job today! Very professional and took great care in their work.

Lily | Palatine, IL

The girls are always awesome ❤️

Barbara | Fox River Grove, IL

The girls did a great job :).

Helena | South Barrington, IL

Morgan and her team are always great. Everything was spotless as usual. I love this team!

Maria | Hawthorn Woods, IL

98% Customer Satisfaction

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