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Top 3 Health Advantages of Hiring Maid Service

Can a maid service really save you from injury and illness? We’ve talked quite a bit about the many ways you can benefit from maid service, but we haven’t really talked about the physical health benefits. Hiring Happy Maids to clean your home regularly can prevent you from straining yourself, stop the spread of germs, and protect your family from harsh chemicals.

No Straining Yourself

Cleaning involves a lot of movement. It’s easy to pull a muscle or injure yourself if you’re not using correct muscles as you work. If you throw out your back while cleaning, you’ll be calling us for help. Save yourself the pain and call us before you injure yourself so you can enjoy your extra time instead of spending it recovering. We make sure we’re extra careful with everything we do. Since we do this every day, we are accustomed to stretching to reach those cobwebs and squatting to vacuum under the beds.

Stop the Spread of Germs

Your whole house is crawling with germs. You probably don’t think twice about flipping a light switch or turning a doorknob, but maybe you should. Germs are lurking everywhere, waiting to make you sick. Did you know that your illness is contagious before you even know you’re sick? Prioritize your health by calling us. Washing your hands won’t help if you touch a dirty faucet afterward.  Put a stop to the spread of germs when you have us clean your home regularly.

No Harsh Chemicals

Many of the cleaners on the market are filled with harsh and dangerous chemicals. The cleaning products we use are all natural and safe for you, your home, and your pets. We bring all of our own cleaning products with us, eliminating the need for you to keep potentially dangerous chemicals in your home.

Keep you and your family safe and healthy by calling Happy Maids for professional maid service.


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