Tips for Keeping the House Clean During a Party

So, you’re really looking forward to that party you’ll be hosting at your home soon. The only thing that worries you is the aftermath since there’s no person in the world who likes dealing with piles of dirty dishes, stained carpets, and littered rooms. Luckily, we’ve prepared some great tips for keeping your home clean during a party that can make things much easier.

As a first-class maid service in Arlington, Illinois, we have great news for you: we can complete tasks such as disinfecting your home, deodorizing a room and cleaning up before the guests come. Moreover, your house can remain clean even when the party’s on! Sounds hard to believe? Read on!

Prepare, protect, then enjoy the party

Never underestimate the importance of party preparations. This doesn’t include only taking care of the menu and the music, but also the things you can do to make your home party-proof. Here’s a short checklist that might come in handy:

  • Put away fragile and valuable items. Neither you nor your guests want expensive or easily breakable things to end up damaged or destroyed. For everyone’s peace of mind, store them safely.
  • Close the rooms guests won’t be entering. If you don’t want people entering certain rooms, make sure you let them know that as soon as they arrive at the party.
  • Protect your furniture. Cover upholstered pieces of furniture with slipcovers. Use surface protection tape to save your tables and kitchen surfaces from spillages and scratches.
  • Use disposable plates and cups. Unless you’re throwing a formal party, avoid heaps of dirty dishes by using paper plates and cups. They often come in eco-friendly versions.

How do you keep your house clean at a party?

Although it seems impossible to keep the place clean while the party happens, there are several things you can do on the spot to reduce the amount of after-party cleaning. Think about the following:

  • Have stain removers close by. Spills will happen for sure, so use your proven stain removers and paper towels for quick interventions. You’ll be grateful for this later.
  • Use lots of trash bags. In addition to your regular trash cans, use trash bags and put them in plain sight. Otherwise, the guests will leave litter anywhere.
  • Don’t delay small chores. Bring dirty dishes into the kitchen and check bathrooms for cleanliness. Use a hand vacuum cleaner to remove dropped food before it gets crushed.
  • Let your guests work for you. Having prepared everything beforehand, gently remind your guests to stick to the rules you set up, such as using coasters or entrance mats.
  • Relax. Don’t forget it’s a party and enjoy yourself with your guests. Don’t let thoughts about stains and cleaning ruin the whole experience.

How to protect carpet during a party?

Carpets are probably the most stain-prone items in your household, so pay special attention to them during a party. It’s a good idea to use carpet protection tape, apply a ‘shoes off’ policy or simply remove your carpets.

However, if you decide to keep them, make sure you do several walkthroughs during a party and apply a carpet stain remover when spilling accidents occur. It’s always easier to remove a stain while it’s still fresh.

The finest maid service Arlington Heights, Illinois takes pride in

While we’re sure you can organize a perfect party on your own, in case you simply want to fully enjoy the party as a host and have nothing to do with cleaning, we are there for you. Happy Maids can clean your home whenever it suits you.

So, after a successful party at your home, refill your batteries near Lake Arlington, while our cleaning pros make your home spotlessly clean again. Don’t hesitate, call us today!



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